“My Personal Full Bible Book of Notes” is an excellent way to take notes while studying the Bible; and I also found it to be a great asset when I recently had the privilege of teaching on the book of Deuteronomy. The “Chapter and Verse” column makes it much easier to keep up with the scriptures you’re referring to.
Evang. Toletha Williams
Roselle, NJ

I received my copy of “My Personal Full Bible Book of Notes” as a gift from our sister Constance and what a wonderful gift it was! I will definitely buy another copy when mine is full and another after that.

I wish that I had learned of these great little notebooks years ago! I have several ordinary notebooks full of Bible study notes and while they were all made with good intention, in reality, they are of little use to me today because it takes so long to find anything in them.

I absolutely love having my notes organized by the Bible books. This book is so easy to use and it turns my notes into a real resource tool!

Constance’s book is a wonderful tool for Bible study groups and it is a great gift idea that will be appreciated by any of your friends or family members who enjoy Bible study.

This book can turn your Bible study notes into an heirloom that can be passed on to your children or if you are like so many of us who are expecting to be raptured soon and you have given thought to what you want to leave behind for those who are left behind, this notebook should definitely be considered.

Because it keeps your notes organized Bible book by Bible book, even the novice Bible student can quickly and easily find and share in your insights on each one of our 66 books of scripture. If someone, wants to know what you have learned as you studied Genesis. It is right there under Genesis and you can make references to other books right in the sidelines.

Great job on this one Constance!!! I know that your book will be a tremendous success, because it is certain to bless all who will use it!

Your Sister in Christ,
Southern Black Hills of South Dakota

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